the  SOYLAB  story

Soylab Malaysia originates from Baixian Food Industries Sdn Bhd and since 2002, we humbly began manufacturing and distributing quality soymilk for retail businesses in the Food & Beverages industry.


Back then, even when healthy food and natural supplements weren’t mainstream, we’ve never wavered from our mission which is to offer the products and services of good value that empower people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

         “ We believe that natural, healthy food should be accessible to everyone and this will make this amazing city we call home a little better for it. ”



Soylab Malaysia is passionate about promising our substancial range of soy products to be made only with NON-GMO beans where the team took extra effort to source and select these healthy beans across the world. In every single product, our R&D team had vigorously developed and achieved to expand our product range from soymilk beverages to bean curd, fried soy cubes, shaved soy ice that are offered up in creative combinations.


To maintain our goal of producing freshly made soy products, all our products are made from the freshest NON-GMO beans with no preservatives and additives. Although this could affect our product shelf-life dramatically compared to other similar products in the market, we ensure that our consumers can enjoy the benefit of tasting the original and natural taste of freshness from our soy products.  


What Makes Us Special?

100% NON-GMO Beans

Pure, Silky & Fresh

Flavouring & Preservatives Free

Soylab Malaysia’s soy products are made 100% from the premium quality NON-GMO beans.


They are naturally bred for high protein with a mild, sweet savory flavour that is ideal for tofu, soymilk, yogurt, vegan food and soy nuts production. That is what made our soy products a good source of natural protein.

All our products are freshly made with selected premium non-gmo soy beans using our in-house traditional recipe to retain the originality of the soy aroma.  


The fresh, clean taste of every soy product is delicious on its own and is definitely a good choice for plant-based diet.

We don’t just want our soy products to taste good but also to pursue a quality and nutritious soy product to our customers that promotes healthy lifestyle.


Hence, all our products contain no artificial flavouring, preservatives, and no colorings and we hope you can taste the freshness in it!

Love to have a good tasty beverage rich in protein?⁣ Say yes to SOYMILK!


Yumzz! We can't wait to serve you the Soylab's assorted NON-GMO soy products. Check out our menu to “Smooth Out Your Everyday”!


Signature Soymilk

Enjoy it chilled! Made from soybeans with a touch of homemade sugar syrup.

Black Soymilk

Cool down with this delicious drink, made from black soybeans with homemade sugar syrup infusion.


SOY Nice!

Dig into thinly shaved soy ice topped with cooling grass jelly cubes, Adzuki red beans and crunchy crushed peanuts, and a touch of homemade sugar syrup.



Gorgeous crossover of our signature beancurd served with our signature soymilk and any 2 selective toppings of chewy glutinous rice balls, grass jelly cubes, freshly cooked pearls and Adzuki red beans.


Luscious Pearl Soymilk

Bean Looking For Her

A joyful fusion of signature soymilk and freshly cooked pearls with homemade brown sugar syrup.

Bean Looking For Him

A unique combination of black soybean milk and freshly cooked pearls with homemade brown sugar syrup.


Bean Looking For You

A delightful concoction of
signature soymilk and Gula 
Melaka syrup with freshly
cooked chewy pearls.

Chilled Delicious Soymilk




Perk up with this invigorating blend of our signature soymilk with the goodness of grass jelly cubes.




This tasty union of signature soymilk with black sesame will have you coming back for more.


Red Bean


Delightful fusion of our signature soymilk with Adzuki red beans.



Indulge in this yummy mix of our signature soymilk with yam paste.



Natural sweetness of pumpkin in our signature soymilk for a delightful burst of flavour.


Soyfflé Pancakes


Signature Soyfflé

Mouthwatering soyfflé pancakes topped with soy whipped cream and brown sugar syrup, and paired with our signature soy soft serve.

Tiramisu Soyfflé

Soyfflé pancakes coated with signature tiramisu cream, cocoa powder and served with caramel popcorn.

Apam Balik Soyfflé

Go nuts with this local gem served with corn and coconut gelato, and added with coconut soy cream, brown sugar, coconut flakes and crushed peanuts.

Matcha Soyfflé

The dynamic match of fluffy soyfflé pancakes with Adzuki red beans and whipped cream, and complemented by a generous serving of matcha gelato.

Merry Trio Soyfflé

Fluffy soyfflé pancakes with an ensemble of strawberries, blueberries and bananas served with selected gelato and jam.


Soy Delights

You’ll love these 7-inch soy Belgian waffles that are accompanied by smooth and creamy soy softserve.

Fried Soy Cubes

Crispy on the first munch and mellow on the next, these freshly fried soy cubes are best enjoyed with a dash of special sauce of your choice.

Rojak Soy Cubes

Bite into this flavourful combination of freshly fried soy cubes topped with shredded cucumber and jicama, and served with our signature rojak sauce.


Indulge guiltlessly in our non-dairy soft serve made from non-GMO soybeans.

Soy Soft Serve



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